Operation Dragonfly

Operation Dragonfly

Operation Dragonfly is a procedural open-world mission based top-down action arcade shooter.

    That's quite a mouthful, what do we mean?
  • Score is important, you will be ranked, globally and amongst your friends go inflict some arcade havok!
  • The world is infinite (the demo is limited), it will get progressively more difficult, and you will score higher, the further you get from your first spawn point.
  • Day / Night cycles with random weather patterns, this is to make it easier for you, we knew you'd like a spotlight attached to your helicopter, so we ensured the entire world darkens, for a while, so you can view that pretty light.
  • Every time you play, it's a new, different world (not in the demo). Right now it's desert landscape only, we'll be adding more biomes as this project progresses.
  • Powerups! Improvements! Upgrades! ... all these are coming.
  • Ridiculous requests from crazy generals demanding the impossible of you, a lone pilot - this too is coming



Leaving the jungle and heading back into the desert

Oil Refinery

There might be something useful here, is it guarded?


The forests are deep & watch out for those mountains

Night Landing

Thankfully there's a spotlight to help us see


That was close! We got him!

Download and play a demo of the current development version right now

Kindly, itch.io provides hosting for a free downloadable and playable demo of our current development snapshot. You can go to itch.io and download and play Operation Dragonfly in it's current development state immediately.

Pre-purchase through itch.io for only $2.50 - and play immediately

For a limited time and a limited amount of copies, you can buy an early-access copy for only $2.50 from itch.io.

In addition to instantly gaining an early still-in-development copy of this game, to be yours forever at a ridiculous discount, you will also get bleeding edge updates until and even after we release.

The regular demo version, which is a world and time limited version of this same game, will be updated with new content much less regularly.

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